Help shape the future

In a complex and ever-changing world, Ontario’s universities are asking for you to partner with us in building a brighter future for our families, our businesses and our communities. Share your thoughts and feelings about Ontario’s future in our survey, get involved through social media, take part in university roundtables, and stay up-to-date on the progress of the campaign.


Ontario’s Universities want to hear your ideas on how we can partner to build a brighter future.

Here are some of the ways you have helped shape the future

Province-wide Survey

We asked parents and students to share their thoughts and feelings about the future of the province in an anonymous survey. The public can continue to provide feedback through the online survey until August 2017.


Roundtables with Employers and Communities

We held roundtables to give Ontario businesses, governments, service providers, not-for-profits, students and many others the opportunity to talk about what the future of Ontario looks like for them.

roundtables in review

Reports from Thought Leaders

We scanned reports and findings of organizations across Ontario about the future, looking for insights into everything from the arts to innovation and social sectors.


Digital Engagement

We engaged with Ontarians through social media, email, and through our blog, listening to concerns, sending updates on our engagement activities, and inviting the public to share their thoughts with us.


Through our province-wide, year-long conversation, Ontario’s Universities set out to gain insight into how we can be good partners in creating a better future for Ontario as we strive to meet the demands of a changing world.

The dialogue doesn’t end here.

Please visit us again in the fall to hear more about what you told us.