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Roundtable Series 1: The Future of Innovation
March 27, 2017

By David Lindsay Ontario's Universities held the first in a series of roundtables about the future of Ontario last Tuesday, hearing stimulating ideas from 20 top business, community and government…

What supports do we need for a brighter future?
March 20, 2017

By David Lindsay We have been #futuring for almost six months now, and a lot of our focus has been on what Ontario will look like five or 10 years…

Futuring Hits the Road
March 09, 2017

In the last month, #futuring has hit the road. Universities across the province have been engaging with their communities, hearing directly from students, businesses, local governments and more about their…

Innovation is more than technology
February 21, 2017

By David Lindsay Innovation is the word of the moment. Businesses are talking about it. Government is talking about it. And much of our #futuring conversation has been dominated by…

What does YOUR future look like?
February 08, 2017

Ontario's Universities are driving a conversation about the future! We want to work with our fellow Ontarians to build the province up, by preparing for what is to come. What do…

Preparing for the jobs of the future: part 2
February 02, 2017

By David Lindsay Yesterday’s discussion centred, as so much of our #futuring has, on uncertainty. If, in the future, robots will be diagnosing us in hospitals, practising tax law and…

Preparing for the jobs of the future
February 01, 2017

By David Lindsay As January comes to a close, some will have long abandoned their New Year’s resolutions, but here at COU, we are still thinking about a better future…

Virtual Reality: taking art to the next level
January 11, 2017

By David Lindsay With a surge in new technologies, it’s hard to ignore the increasing opportunities for artists to expand their talents and visions. Art has always been a source…

Robots: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!
December 13, 2016

By David Lindsay In my last post, I wrote about the challenges Ontario faces as it heads into what some are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This week, I want…