Collage of two photos: woman writing on a post-it stuck to a whiteboard; booklets from Trent University and Ontario's Universities #futuring campaign
Futuring Hits the Road
March 9, 2017

In the last month, #futuring has hit the road. Universities across the province have been engaging with their communities, hearing directly from students, businesses, local governments and more about their hopes and concerns for the future.

At Trent University last month, community leaders, students and university representatives took part in a dinner and conversation that saw lively discussion about how to create a better future for Peterborough and Ontario. Representatives from city council, local First Nations, the Chamber of Commerce and the arts community, among others, were there to offer their insights on four vital issues: youth employment, diversity and inclusion, the aging population, and the new economy.

Photo of groups of people chatting around some tables in a large room

Each table at the event was assigned a different topic, and by the end of the night the participants had compiled a wide assortment of inspiring ideas for the future, including further encouraging and creating networking opportunities between students and local businesses, boosting the focus on innovation that’s focused on local issues such as water management, and creating more community service opportunities to better integrate Trent students into the local community.

Leaders within the Guelph community came together as well last month for the University of Guelph’s Breakfast with the President. Using one of the great innovations of the 20th century — Post-It notes, of course — community leaders responded to our #futuring questions and offered their ideas for how to ensure all Ontarians can thrive in the years to come and how to ensure young Ontarians in particular are set up for long, fruitful careers.

Photo of a woman writing on a pink post-it note stuck to a white board

Events like these will be taking place at campuses across Ontario over the next several months as Ontario’s universities continue to reach out to all Ontarians for their insights on how to create a better future for our province.

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