Making an Impact
Accelerating growth of start-ups and SMEs in Eastern Ontario
Busy safety managers can quickly identify hazards, assess risks and communicate work instructions to workers thanks to a web app developed by Rillea Technologies. The company works with manufacturers, labs, schools and hospitals to ensure
Issues Ontarians'
Care About
We spent a year listening to what Ontarians had to say about their hopes, concerns, ideas and aspirations for the future. Through partnering with others, Ontario's universities are working together to attain those hopes, alleviate those concerns, and make those ideas a reality. Learn about our commitments to creating a better Ontario.
How We're Partnering for
a Better Future for Ontario
Ontario's universities are actively working with partners to ensure our students thrive, our communities are vibrant and our province remains dynamic.
2020 Pre-Budget Submission to the Ontario Government

This pre-budget submission details how government and universities can partner to unleash the potential of our province by helping our students gain the transferrable skills they need to thrive, sharing cutting-edge infrastructure with local businesses, and fuelling a dynamic innovation ecosystem that will help build Ontario.