Advocacy Priorities

Home Advocacy Priorities

Advocacy Priorities

Ontario’s universities advocate for changes and solutions in higher education, policy and delivery for the benefit of Ontario’s students, communities and the province.

Home Advocacy Priorities

Through strong partnerships with government and stakeholders, Ontario’s universities continue to support student success; drive a competitive economy; fuel regional economic development; rebuild the health-care system; and transform to meet the changing needs of students, communities and the province.

Key Advocacy

Advocacy Priorities

Supporting Students

To help students build for their futures and navigate changing economic and social landscapes, universities continue to transform their programming, providing students with job-ready skills across disciplines, including STEM, humanities and the social sciences. This includes ensuring access to a wide range of student supports, such as mental health, career, housing support and much more.

Jobs and Economies

Through talent and innovation, Ontario is well positioned to respond to the changing needs of the labour market while producing the type of innovative solutions that will continue to help strengthen our province’s economy in the years to come.

Communities and Regions

Whether they are serving as key economic drivers and industry partners, or acting as large employers and local purchasers, Ontario’s universities are working to address local challenges – ranging from talent retention to helping new businesses adapt to new technologies and ways of working.

Health Care

From creating the life-saving technologies that improve quality of life, to training the physicians, nurses and other health professionals that deliver the highest-quality care to the people of Ontario – universities play a critical role in strengthening the province’s health-care system now and into the future.

Research and Innovation

In Ontario’s rapidly changing economy, innovation is key. Ontario’s universities play a key role in producing the ground-breaking research that is fueling the innovation pipeline and attracting global investment, helping Ontario become a global leader in fast-growing sectors, such as clean technology, cybersecurity, life sciences and artificial intelligence.

Transforming Universities

Ontario’s universities remain committed to continuous transformation to meet the ever-changing and evolving needs of students, their communities and the province. They continue to demonstrate their ability to remain nimble, adapting and pivoting programs and services to meet the needs of a changing student body and labour market.