A Message from the Presidents and Principals of Ontario’s Universities

April, 2020 – We know the disruption of student life and academics brought about by COVID-19 has led to much uncertainty amongst students and their families.

As we look ahead, we want to reassure you that Ontario’s universities remain committed to providing high quality education for our students.

Ontario universities are planning for a fall term and are focused on finding ways to create an enriching university experience. While each institution will develop its own approach to the fall term, we are united by the common goal of delivering university programs that will support student success.

Universities across Ontario are contributing talent, technology, much needed supplies and equipment from our labs, and conducting meaningful research to help our province. By volunteering, manufacturing vital PPE equipment and exploring discoveries that lead to better testing and vaccine development, our students, researchers and educators continue to use resolve and ingenuity to demonstrate the Ontario Spirit.

Every sector and region, has a role to play in Ontario’s recovery, including universities. We will need new ideas and fresh approaches as we navigate unprecedented challenges. Quality education that creates highly qualified and innovative employees along with world-class research will be more important than ever.

Ontario’s universities will continue to partner to help support Ontario and create a better future for our students, communities and the province. By working together, we will emerge stronger, more resilient and better prepared, as we fight against COVID-19 and recreate the economy.

— The Presidents and Principals of Ontario’s Universities

For updates and information about the fall 2020 term at each Ontario university visit:


Partnering in the Fight Against COVID-19

Ontario’s universities have a significant role to play in the fight against COVID-19. Our institutions are providing assistance and working together with our provincial government and local communities to address the urgent needs of the province and protect the health and well-being of Ontarians.

As universities are interwoven into the fabric of their communities, we have already seen how students are volunteering to support those around them, while researchers are partnering to help flatten the curve, discover treatments and develop a vaccine.

Below you will find more information about how universities are partnering in the global fight against the pandemic, links to each Ontario university’s COVID-19 page and additional resources.

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How We’re Supporting our Students, Communities and the Province

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