Partnering to Drive Ontario’s Recovery through Talent and Innovation

Partnering to Drive Ontario’s Recovery through Talent and Innovation

Driving Ontario’s recovery requires partnership and collaboration. No government, business or institution can solve these complex issues on their own.

Learn more about how Ontario’s universities will continue to play a critical role that helps lead our province to a more competitive economy with a highly skilled workforce, sustainable community infrastructure and a health-care system that is prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Building a Resilient Future
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In Partnering to Drive Ontario’s Recovery through Talent and Innovation, we outline how, as Ontario looks to rebuild and recover from COVID-19, Ontario’s universities are at the forefront of rebuilding a world-class health-care system; developing job-ready graduates; driving regional economic development; and creating solutions to Ontario’s challenges. Because of these critical contributions, a sustainable world-class university education system will be more important than ever.

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By The Numbers

Our supplementary report, Partnering to Develop a Highly Skilled Workforce, outlines how universities are ensuring Ontario has the highly skilled talent in high-growth fields it needs to rebuild:

Workforce Report

Third-party reports referenced in, Partnering to Drive Ontario’s Recovery through Talent and Innovation:

At the Forefront of Ontario’s Recovery
World-Class Health-Care System
As Ontario rebuilds its health-care system, building a strong workforce and driving innovation in health care, life sciences and medical technologies will be critical.
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Job-Ready Graduates
Ontario’s employers need an adaptable workforce that is future-proofed with foundational skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
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Strong Local Economies
Investments in community infrastructure will stimulate local economies through employment opportunities, innovation and spending activities.
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A Globally Competitive Economy
By ensuring high-quality talent and a highly skilled workforce, Ontario will be better positioned to respond to the changing needs of the job market, while producing Ontario-made solutions.
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Solutions to Ontario’s Challenges
Investing in a world-class university sector will ensure universities can continue to develop highly skilled talent, drive innovation and help Ontario restore its competitive economy.
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A Highly Skilled Workforce
Equipping students with the transferrable and cross-disciplinary skills to meet the changing needs of the job market will position Ontario as a jurisdiction that can attract investment.
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