How Ontario’s Universities are Strengthening Commercialization for the Benefit of Ontario

With a shared goal to help generate intellectual property (IP) for the benefit of Ontario’s people and regions, Ontario’s universities remain committed to working across sectors to improve commercialization outcomes.

Universities play a vital role in fueling Ontario’s innovation pipeline. From curiosity-driven, fundamental research to ground-breaking applied innovation, university research is being converted into both tangible benefits for Ontarians and economic prosperity for Ontario.

Much of this work is done by Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) that facilitate commercialization by identifying commercially viable IP and working to attract private-sector investment. Through this process, TTOs help move research out of the university and into the private sector, ensuring homegrown ideas continue to strengthen Ontario’s capacity to grow and compete globally.

In fact, ground-breaking research at Ontario’s universities is fueling the innovation pipeline and attracting global investment, helping Ontario become a global leader in fast-growing sectors, such as clean technology, cybersecurity, life sciences and artificial intelligence.

Ensuring research can be commercialized for the benefit of Ontario’s people and communities remains a goal of universities, as Ontario’s universities continue to work with government and industry to maximize commercialization opportunities and strengthen the innovation ecosystem.

Ontario’s Universities’ Commitment to Commercialization

The statements listed below demonstrate the sector’s commitment to the commercialization framework, as well as highlight a set of common principles and the wide-ranging research, innovation and commercialization activities taking place on our campuses.

Each statement reflects the unique strengths of each university, demonstrating the range of IP ownership and licensing policies that best suit these needs and help inform a range of commercialization pathways.

University research and innovation will continue to take a leading role in Ontario’s future growth and prosperity, strengthening industries, businesses and communities, as well as developing the Ontario-made innovations that benefit people across Ontario.

Scientist working in lab
“Building regional capacity for innovation is fundamental to productivity and growth. This means improving commercialization and technology adoption, strengthening regional innovation centres, expanding broadband internet access, and facilitating cluster development.”
Ontario Chamber of Commerce, The Great Mosaic: Reviving Ontario’s Regional Economies
Making an Impact
on research and innovation
Developing Ontario’s cleantech innovation ecosystem
Enhancing electric vehicle safety, production and research
Developing treatments for drug-resistant cancers
Partnering to Rebuild Ontario
Vibrant universities will continue to develop adaptable talent, help rebuild our health-care system, as well as drive innovation and regional economic development.

It is why in order to fully unleash this potential, Ontario’s universities are asking that the government — through increases to university revenue sources, such as expanding spaces in high-demand programs — make critical investments in the sector today to rebuild a better Ontario for tomorrow.

By working together, we can navigate through this pandemic, safeguard Ontario’s health and economy and build a brighter future – not just for the students we teach and the communities we serve, but for Ontario’s future and all who live here.
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In Partnering to Drive Ontario’s Recovery through Talent and Innovation, we outline how, as Ontario looks to rebuild and recover from COVID-19, Ontario’s universities are at the forefront of rebuilding a world-class health-care system; developing job-ready graduates; driving regional economic development; and creating solutions to Ontario’s challenges.