Join us in Futuring
September 27, 2016

By David Lindsay

Imagine a world where a wrist watch doesn’t just monitor your heart rate and count your steps, but can actually help detect a cancerous growth in your body.

Or a future where cars drive themselves, and where entertainment shows and video games project your favourite characters into your living room.

Imagine the future, and you can’t help but wonder about your place in it.

The world changes at such a rapid pace, so it’s not unusual to ask yourself whether you can keep up.

Do I have the right skills to move into new careers as the workplace creates jobs I had never dreamed of? Will I understand the latest technology? Will I be able to get the services I need right here in my own backyard?

If you are a parent, you may be asking if your child will find a career they love? Will they thrive in this changing world, or will they be left behind?

Ontario universities are excited to spark a conversation about the future.

Over the coming year, all 21 Ontario universities will be in their communities asking for your insights.

There’s an online survey aimed at parents, students and the public that can be found at on our website. Or, you can send your thoughts to There will be a social media conversation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram.

Universities also want to hear from the broader community – business, governments, health and social service agencies, the arts and culture community, researchers, and so on. There will be one-on-one meetings and roundtables as universities tap Ontario for ideas on how to make the future brighter for everyone.

We want to get input and perspective from the broader community as employers on what our graduates need to succeed, and we also want to have a conversation about what can university research and the expansion of human knowledge and invention do to help propel their businesses and contribute to the success of their communities and sectors?

The insights we uncover will be distilled and reported back to the public through a series of online postings, blogs and reports, culminating in a summit next year on Ontario’s future and how universities can help Ontarians succeed.

So, join the conversation about the future and let’s help shape a brighter tomorrow together.

David Lindsay was appointed President and CEO of the Council of Ontario Universities in January 2016. He is committed to a strong postsecondary education system that advances the contributions of universities for the success of our students, the betterment of our economy, and the vitality of our communities.