Autism Scholars Award 2020

The Autism Scholars Award celebrates researchers who are working to shape novel treatments and services for children with autism. The award supports innovators who are working on new discoveries that can have a positive impact in the field of autism and for families across Ontario.

This year’s recipients, Felipe Morgado, MD/PhD student at the University of Toronto and Amanda Jass, Masters student at York University, were awarded for their research into better understanding the brain functionality of children who have autism and how these discoveries might impact future treatments.

Morgado, this year’s recipient of the $20,000 Doctoral Award is researching how the connections of the brain differ in people with autism spectrum disorder. His research aims to demonstrate how localized treatments that modulate brain activity to specific regions in the brain may potentially help provide symptom relief and marked improvements to quality of life.

Jass, this year’s recipient of the $18,000 Masters Award is examining how the brain is capable of changing over the course of child’s development to better understand autism at the cellular level. Her goal is to provide insights that aid in the development of brain plasticity-based activities and therapies to support new treatments that will help families in the future.

The Autism Scholars Award recognizes outstanding researchers and support new discoveries, treatments and contributions to autism in Ontario.

The Autism Scholars Awards Program was established with the support of the Ministry of Colleges and Universities to ensure that Ontario continues to promote leading-edge scholarship into autism, which affects one in 66 Canadian children, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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Doctoral Award
  • Felipe Morgado, University of Toronto
Master's Award
  • Amanda Jass, York University