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A Future Maker pushes beyond the walls of the university to make a difference in their communities and province. Future Makers are students, researchers, or university projects, working with partners both inside and outside the university to create a better future for Ontario. Read through the stories below to learn about the various Future Makers at Ontario’s Universities. Search by university, region, topic, or keyword to discovery the Future Makers impacting your community.

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Using 3-D printing to repair deep wounds
Purifying wastewater with less energy and cost
Contributing to an efficient health-care system through nurse practitioners
Providing health-care delivery to rural and remote communities
Working to prevent occupational illness in Northern communities
Developing fireproof sensor to keep high-risk workers safe
Carleton University testing bluetooth navigation to help students with accessibility issues
Students develop hand-held skin cancer-detecting device
Preserving fruit to help farmers, consumers across Ontario
Enwin and University of Windsor partner to launch new company in Windsor
Growing fresh produce in Canada’s northern communities
Student entrepreneur supports local farms
Advancing winter urban agriculture through innovative greenhouse design
Virus resistance in plants holds promise for agricultural crops
From the farm to fork
Converting waste water into hydrogen for farming and agriculture
Addressing food sustainability in the North
Revolutionizing agriculture, one tomato at a time
Changing the way we search for antibiotics with a $200, 3D-printed box
Partnering with communities to address their unique challenges
Researchers develop clinically-validated 3-D printed stethoscope