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A Future Maker pushes beyond the walls of the university to make a difference in their communities and province. Future Makers are students, researchers, or university projects, working with partners both inside and outside the university to create a better future for Ontario. Read through the stories below to learn about the various Future Makers at Ontario’s Universities. Search by university, region, topic, or keyword to discovery the Future Makers impacting your community.

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3-D printing innovations help bring much needed resources to Ontario medical workers
Implementing digital technology solutions to help students succeed
Helping real estate development students become job ready
New program helps provide students with job-ready skills
Reskilling employees to better adapt to technological advances
Helping students develop new products through industrial design
Driving London’s growing gaming industry
Helping manufacturing workers upgrade their skills
Accelerating growth of start-ups and SMEs in Eastern Ontario
Helping companies go from start-up to scale-up
Strengthening businesses in Eastern Ontario
Discovery-driven innovations grow an eco-friendly economy
From the lab to consumer products
Powering the new economy through AI
Nanoscience moves from research lab to start-up
Supporting student entrepreneurship at Western University
Addressing food security in Northern communities
Developing innovative agricultural leadership program
Improving quality of Great Lakes
Helping farmers grow fresh produce in Northern communities
Helping farmers protect their crops and increase yields