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A Future Maker pushes beyond the walls of the university to make a difference in their communities and province. Future Makers are students, researchers, or university projects, working with partners both inside and outside the university to create a better future for Ontario. Read through the stories below to learn about the various Future Makers at Ontario’s Universities. Search by university, region, topic, or keyword to discovery the Future Makers impacting your community.

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Empowering students through collaborative programming
Connecting a global community virtually
Welcoming students back to school safely
Enhancing learning outcomes through digital education
Creating safe study spaces on campus
Pharmacy students step up to support COVID-19 vaccine roll-out
Increasing vaccinations on campus through pop-up clinics
Creating a safe and healthy campus
Helping students stay informed about vaccinations
Increasing access to regional vaccination information
Increasing eligibility and access to COVID-19 vaccines
Making space for COVID-19 vaccination clinics
Helping residents locate nearby vaccination clinics
Leveraging location to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines
‘Talking Shots’ to address vaccine disinformation
Answering top vaccine questions through interactive design
Developing a new method of vaccine delivery
Increasing vaccination rates through community partnerships
Maintaining vaccine enthusiasm
Combatting vaccine hesitancy
Designing efficient vaccination clinics