2017-18 Campaign – Our Conversation with Ontarians

Ontarians are proud of the province, but share concerns as well as aspirations for its future. Areas such as the economy, employment, health care, public services and quality of life are being disrupted by technology, but Ontario’s universities believe that through collaboration and partnerships, we can solve these challenges and create a better future for all Ontarians. Learn about our commitments and ideas for shaping a prosperous and vibrant province.

Learn how Ontario's Universities can make a difference...
Jobs and Skills
Learn about how universities are partnering to make a difference in job creation and the future of skills.
The Economy
Read about how universities are committed to working together for Ontario's economy.
Research and Innovation
Discover how universities are putting Ontario at the forefront of innovation.
Health Care
Find out how universities are committed to the future of Ontario's health care.
Mental Health
Learn about the community approach universities are taking towards student mental health.
Building Strong Communities
Read about how universities are building strong communities.
Learn about how universities are ensuring every willing and qualified student can access an education.
The Environment
Learn about universities' commitments to partnering for a sustainable future for Ontario.
Discover how universities are partnering to promote diverse communities on and off the campus.
COU report
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In our report, you will find a comprehensive summary of what we heard from Ontarians and how Ontario's universities are working across all sectors to help students thrive, support our communities, and drive a growing, dynamic province.