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Parents and students share thoughts on a brighter future

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was abuzz during this year’s Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF) with more than 120,000 students and parents eager to learn about the province’s 21 universities and have conversations about their futures.

The three-day fair – the largest of its kind in North America – featured booths and presentations where admissions officers, teachers, deans and presidents talked to students about the array of programs, extracurricular activities, residence options and experiential learning opportunities available at each Ontario university.

“University means opportunity, pathways and hope.”

– OUF attendee

At the Ontario’s Universities’ booth, we engaged in conversation with this next generation of university students and their parents, asking them to share their thoughts on university and its role in today’s rapidly changing society.

“A learning experience in every way, where you grow into your own set of values and beliefs while learning how to make yourself useful in the world.”

– OUF attendee

The excitement was palpable. From a pathway to a brighter future to a place to develop skills and prepare for the real world, participants were keen to engage, energized and optimistic about what their futures might hold.

Moving throughout the convention centre, from booth to booth, attendees had the chance to gather information about each Ontario university. Some universities provided a tour of their campus using virtual reality, while others showcased some of the research and innovation happening within their institution walls.

Students arrived armed with an open mind and questions about courses and programs they wanted to study to discover the right place for them.

“A chance to learn about what I love (animals and science) and enjoy the career choice I make, and make a difference!”

– OUF attendee

For those unable to attend the fair, the Ontario Universities’ Regional Fairs will be travelling to high schools across the province until the beginning of November, providing information about Ontario’s 21 universities, including programs, campus life and anything else that may help students make a decision about which Ontario university to choose. Take a look at the Regional Fairs schedule:

“Help with a career, knowledge and success.”

– OUF attendee

What role can universities play in helping Ontario become ready for the future?
(Responses collected from COU’s online survey)
  • University provides education and work experience in many fields
  • Help students think critically and in the future so that they can be well prepared
  • Preparing students for the workforce and teaching students financial literacy
  • Teach students how to do interviews and job-related activities
  • Preparation for an immensely changing job market
  • They help students develop necessary skills to create advancements in society
  • Offering students a chance to explore things out of their comfort zones
  • Instilling a sense of leadership along with countless other life skills that will help thrive in tough environments
  • Innovation and entrepreneurs

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