Partnering for Ontario

Ontario’s universities are partnering with government, communities and industry to help Ontario rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Universities will continue to play a vital role in supporting a more competitive economy by training a highly skilled workforce, investing in sustainable community infrastructure and developing a health-care system that is prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Find out more about how Ontario’s universities are partnering for a better future for all Ontarians.

How We’re Supporting our Students, Communities and the Province

Through enriching student experiences, rebuilding a world-class health-care system, driving research and innovation, and supporting student and community mental health and wellness, Ontario’s universities remain committed to creating a brighter future for the province by addressing some of the province’s most critical challenges head-on and partnering to support students and the communities they serve.

50 Ways Universities are Partnering Across Sectors

Together with employers, colleges and communities, Ontario’s universities are collaborating to drive economic growth and prosperity across the province. They are also partnering to develop a strong talent pipeline that meets the demands of employers, enhancing student experience and helping build more resilient communities.

Partnering for a Better Future

To help Ontarians live independent, fruitful lives, Ontario’s universities are training the highly skilled health-care workforce of today and tomorrow. They are also helping accelerate ground-breaking research and innovation to bring new solutions to market that address some of Ontario’s most critical challenges.