Partnering for Ontario

Through various partnerships with government, industry, business, and the public sector, universities are equipping students with skills and experience for the jobs of tomorrow; improving health care for all Ontarians; growing Ontario’s economy; and supporting ground-breaking ideas and discoveries through research and innovation. Find out how Ontario’s universities are partnering for a better future for Ontario below.

50 Ways Universities Are Partnering with Employers

Ontario's universities' partnerships with industry, organizations and communities prepare students for the workplace, drive research and innovation, create jobs and help grow the economy.

50 Ways Universities Are Partnering with Colleges

Ontario's universities and colleges are collaborating on services that enhance the student experience, expand e-learning, create more pathways and support career success for graduates.

50 Ways Universities Are Partnering for Stronger Communities

Ontario's universities support thriving communities through high-quality municipal and social services, improved infrastructure and transit, well-served rural areas and dynamic arts and culture.

Partnering for a Better Future for Health Care

Ontario's universities are working to help Ontarians live independent, fruitful lives, while also promoting greater efficiencies and reducing the growing burden placed on our province's health-care system.

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