50 Ways Universities are
Partnering with Employers

In today’s fast-changing global economy, the role universities have to play is ever-expanding beyond the four walls of the classroom or lab, and into the many communities and regions they serve. The university has become a hub for social and economic innovation, where students, researchers, businesses, and community organizations creatively work together to move groundbreaking ideas to market.

Through these dynamic partnerships with industry and communities, Ontario’s universities are deeply committed to contributing to the innovation ecosystem that ultimately helps the province’s students thrive, its communities flourish, and its economy prosper.

Innovation on Ontario’s campuses supports student success through course programming, experiential learning opportunities, and student entrepreneurship. It helps build vibrant communities through job creation and shared spaces with community members. It drives a dynamic province through applied research partnerships for industry success to boost the local and provincial economies.

Research and innovation activities on Ontario’s campuses are helping the province’s students and youth flourish through experiential learning opportunities and support for student entrepreneurship. A number of provincially funded programs have further enriched these supports. ...
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Partnerships with local and regional business and community organizations contribute to local communities and economies. These partnerships create jobs for Ontarians, provide shared space and access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure for the larger community, and ...
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Through partnerships with universities, businesses, and community organizations, companies are able to address challenges they’re facing with the help of university researchers and achieve success in their industry. Research offices ensure businesses are connecting with ...
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