Partnering to Drive Jobs and Growth

Partnering to Drive Jobs and Growth

Ontario’s success is founded on the capacity of its people to work together to innovate, create jobs and bolster economic growth. This collaboration across sectors will be critical to addressing some of the province’s biggest challenges, such as meeting labour force needs, rebuilding a strained health-care system and fostering innovation and economic growth.

By supporting students, leading ground-breaking research and innovation and building strong community partnerships, Ontario’s universities are playing a key role in helping find solutions to these challenges and leading the province to a more competitive economy.

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In Partnering to Drive Jobs and Growth, we outline how Ontario’s universities have a vital role to play in helping our province find solutions to big challenges. Universities will continue to support student success; drive a competitive economy; fuel regional economic development; rebuild the health-care system; and transform to meet the changing needs of students, communities and the province. Through strong partnerships with government and stakeholders, universities will help build the better and brighter future for our province that we all want to see.

read the 2023 pre-budget report

At the Forefront of Building a Stronger Ontario
Supporting Student Success
To help students develop an adaptable skillset and build resiliency, universities are increasing access to mental health and career supports, as well as adopting new learning and teaching technologies.
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Driving a Competitive Economy
By working with industry and community partners, universities are helping build strong talent pipelines, fostering entrepreneurship and commercializing innovative products and services.
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Fueling Regional Economic Development
As large employers, purchasers and community hubs, universities continue to invest in their communities and local economies and drive regional economic growth.
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Rebuilding Ontario’s Health-Care System
By training the health-care workers needed to support patient care and developing health innovations that are improving life for Ontarians, universities are building helping rebuild Ontario’s health-care system.
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A Sector in Transformation
As universities continue to transform to meet the needs of students and a changing world, investing in the sector will ensure they continue to help develop highly skilled talent, drive innovation and build a strong Ontario.
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