Indigenization Initiatives and Supports

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Indigenization Initiatives and Supports

Indigenization initiatives across Ontario’s universities help fuel the development of the knowledge and skills that will follow individuals beyond university walls. The critical work and leadership of members of the Indigenous community, including faculty members, have made many of these initiatives possible.

In partnership with Indigenous community members, Ontario’s universities are working on initiatives that include increasing the number of Indigenous students, faculty and staff in university settings; offering support programs for students; bringing cultural elements into the university space; and adjusting aspects of university structures and spaces in order to more fully include Indigenous peoples and cultural practices.

Commitment to Indigenization and Reconciliation

Every Ontario university is committed to Indigenization on campuses and advancing reconciliation, cultivating cross-cultural learning and working to better support Indigenous voices and peoples in university environments.

Student Support Services

Each Ontario university has student support services to help provide a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for Indigenous students with culturally appropriate resources.

Indigenous Education Council

Every Ontario university has an Indigenous Education Council with a mandate to make recommendations and share strategies that will provide direction and guidance in the ongoing development, maintenance and implementation of Indigenous-related initiatives and programming.

Engagement with Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers

Every Ontario university engages with Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers to help ensure culturally appropriate supports and resources, as well as Indigenous histories, culture, knowledge and ways of knowing are brought to campuses throughout Ontario.

Spaces to Facilitate the Sharing of Community Knowledge

Each Ontario university is committed to engaging and supporting Indigenous events on campus and in the community, contributing to the creation of spaces that facilitate the sharing of community knowledge.