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A globally competitive Ontario is built on the strengths of its regions. Cultivating local ecosystems of talent and innovation helps create the type of environment that enables people to find jobs in their hometowns and communities, and attract investment from industry looking to partner with local businesses and help them scale.

Ontario’s universities are embedded in their local communities, employing thousands of residents and supporting businesses through the economic activity of students, the university and faculty, alike. They are conducting ground-breaking research that leads to new technologies and helps build a sustainable economies.

But their impact extends much further than the place where they’re located.

This booklet features some of the ways Ontario’s universities are helping to drive regional economic development, and create an environment where businesses, both large and small, can thrive.

December 02, 2019

This booklet features some of the ways Ontario’s universities are building on the province’s strong manufacturing base and clusters of technology companies, while ensuring students have the skills, knowledge and experience they need to thrive in Ontario’s ever-evolving manufacturing sector.

Together, government, industry and universities can create a competitive business climate within the province’s manufacturing sector that enables companies and manufacturers to continue to grow, thrive and invest in Ontario.

From creating the life-saving technologies that improve quality of life, to training the physicians, nurses and other health professionals that deliver the highest-quality care to the people of Ontario – our universities play a critical role in strengthening the province’s health-care system.

November 22, 2018
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