Browse our reports to find out about Ontario’s universities’ role in everything from jobs and skills to health care and community transformation.

This booklet features some of the ways Ontario’s universities are building on the province’s strong manufacturing base and clusters of technology companies, while ensuring students have the skills, knowledge and experience they need to thrive in Ontario’s ever-evolving manufacturing sector.

Together, government, industry and universities can create a competitive business climate within the province’s manufacturing sector that enables companies and manufacturers to continue to grow, thrive and invest in Ontario.

The results of the latest Ontario University Graduate Survey shows that as the economy and workforce continue to transform, Ontario’s university students are finding meaningful and well-paying jobs, using the knowledge and skills acquired during their undergraduate programs to meet employer needs.

Find out more, including employment rates and salaries for a variety of fields of study, in our new Graduate Survey.

February 12, 2019

This pre-budget submission details how government and universities can partner to tackle the priorities that matter most to the people of Ontario, like creating jobs, continuing to find efficiencies and cost savings and helping deliver better health care so we can build a more prosperous future for our students, communities and the province.

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