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Statement from COU President on Creation of Scholarships in Honour of Iran Plane Crash Victims
January 16, 2020

“Today, Premier Doug Ford announced the creation of a scholarship fund to honour the memory of the victims from the postsecondary education community who perished in the crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

The introduction of this scholarship will create a legacy honouring those lost. These students, researchers and faculty were among the very brightest of their generation and we continue to see and feel the far reaching effects of this tragedy on our universities, our students, and our communities.

Our universities are enriched by students who come from around the world and share their unique perspectives, insights and help build a multicultural student body. This scholarship will further contribute to preparing our students for life and work in a globalized world.

Ontario’s universities are committed to working with the government to fully develop and introduce these scholarships in honour of the remarkable lives and contributions lost.

I am confident these scholarships will serve as an inspiration for generations of students to come.”

– David Lindsay, President and CEO, Council of Ontario Universities