Shaping Education in a Time of Economic and Technological Growth
January 20, 2020

Ontario is growing rapidly; disruption, new technologies and demographic shifts are changing the way we work and live, every day. These technologies have enabled Ontarians to become increasingly connected, accessing more resources than ever before.

But, these changes do not come without challenges. Not all of our regions enjoy the same access to services. In addition, addressing a changing workforce and aging infrastructure, as well as fueling innovation throughout the province will all support a globally competitive province that’s ready for the rapidly changing economy of the future.

As we chart our course for the year ahead and beyond, Ontario’s Universities remain committed to ensuring that we continue to collaborate in support of students, the communities we live in and the province of Ontario.

Together, in partnership with government, industry and our communities, we can continue to build an Ontario that’s ready to meet the demands of the modern economy by:

  • Supporting new ways of learning by continuing to adapt university programs, providing more work-integrated learning opportunities and utilizing digital learning to reflect the changing needs and demands of students, employers and the province.
  • Building modern learning spaces through new infrastructure, equipment and technologies to better prepare students for the evolving workforce.
  • Driving a dynamic research and innovation ecosystem that will empower entrepreneurs to take risks, develop new products and create jobs in communities throughout Ontario, helping keep the province’s best and brightest talent at home.

Our collective vision is to continue to strengthen a dynamic innovation ecosystem in all areas of the province, enabling access to technology, resources, digital learning opportunities as well as innovative spaces and work integrated learning across the province.

Our goals are to continue to not only foster the next generation of talent, but to support life-long learners who are seeking opportunities to grow, adapt their skills to further contribute to the economic activity and prosperity of Ontario.

In addition, by working in partnership with government and industry, we are helping spur the type of ground-breaking research and innovation that can turn disruption into opportunity and generate economic activity for all of the province’s communities.

Our priorities for the sector will be outlined in greater detail in this year’s pre-budget submission that will be featured on our website and highlighted in our newsletter, next month.

We are confident that together, we can partner to build an Ontario that leverages the disruption affecting many industries today. Collectively we can foster a culture that not only values learning through research, innovation and technology, but provides spaces, digital and otherwise, that allow business and talent to thrive in a way that spurs regional growth and attracts global industry throughout the province.

Ontario’s universities look forward with excitement to the collaborative work ahead of us. We will continue to be good partners in achieving our shared goals for the province, so that together, we can tackle the priorities that matter most to the people of Ontario, and create a more prosperous future for our students, communities and the province.

David Lindsay
President and CEO
Council of Ontario Universities