Advancing lithium-ion batteries for more efficient electric vehicles
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With the Canadian government announcing a zero-emissions target of 2035 for all new cars and passenger trucks, and electric cars gaining attention from consumers, battery advancements are more important than ever. In particular, improving battery management systems (BMS) can be critical in enabling the storage of large amounts of battery data when it comes to complex objects, such as electric cars.

Manh-Kien Tran, a chemical engineering PhD student at the University of Waterloo, is finding a way to revolutionize the BMS through cloud-based algorithms. By introducing a cloud-based BMS, he is creating a more universal BMS that allows for the storing of endless amounts of battery data.

His work is particularly critical for electric vehicles, as a vehicle’s BMS communicates with the motor, the driver and the brain of the car to ensure vehicle safety and effectiveness.

For more information, visit the University of Waterloo.

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