AI Institute pairs business and researchers

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“The launch of Waterloo AI enhances Canada’s leadership in foundational and operational AI as it brings together world-renowned researchers with industry to accelerate innovation and prepare for future disruptions.”

Feridun Hamdullahpur, President, University of Waterloo

AI Institute pairs business and researchers

The Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute, a research hub launched by the University of Waterloo in April 2018, will see researchers and business partner to take technology to the next level and prepare Canada for economic disruption.

The AI institute is mandated to research areas with societal and business impact – including health care, urban planning, autonomous systems and human-machine interaction. The AI Institute will focus on foundational AI − which includes research in statistical learning, deep learning, game theory, and data science that advances the entire industry − and operational AI, which develops scalable, secure, and transparent solutions for a wide range of applications.

Waterloo Launches AI Institute

A new institute at the University of Waterloo will focus on fostering campus-wide research into artificial intelligence (AI) and provide a portal for organizations to access its extensive expertise in the rapidly growing field.