Boosting productivity in Ontario’s mining industry
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University of Toronto researchers at the Lassonde Institute of Mining are partnering with industry to help develop leading-edge solutions for Ontario’s mining industry. Their work is helping to boost productivity, save money and reduce environmental impact.

In partnership with McEwen Mining, researchers are developing unmanned aerial vehicles to collect data on post-blast rock fragmentation, post-blast muck piles and surface excavations and earthworks. Their project will demonstrate that real-time analysis with a UAV can offer both technical and operational advantages over conventional approaches, with the anticipated benefits of improved mine planning and operational efficiency.

Other researchers at the institute are working with Vale, Glencore, Teck and Hatch to develop processes to stabilize mine waste materials and recover valuable metals, such as, nickel, copper and zinc from tailings. The project has the potential to offer technical, financial and environmental advantages over conventional approaches to mine waste management.

The Lassonde Institute of Mining brings together mining, civil, materials, and chemical engineers, as well as geophysicists, geologists, geochemists, and environmental scientists with partners from industry. Its areas of focus include mineral exploration, mining engineering and water management.

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