Helping local companies produce COVID-19 test kits
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A local company is making an international impact in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic with kits to help test for the virus.

Norgen Biotek, a microbiology firm founded by retired Brock University professor Yousef Haj-Ahmad, has long produced collection, purification and preservation devices for samples of all types, such as saliva, soil, urine and DNA.

Now, the Thorold-based business is manufacturing COVID-19 testing kits as quickly as possible.

The company is using Brock’s Faculty of Math and Science Machine Shop, which supports several start-up or prototyping projects.

When Norgen reached out with an urgent request, the Machine Shop was able to help multiply the capacity of the company’s manufacturing.

“It’s gratifying to know that what we’re doing is helping the cause, but for me, it’s just another day on the job — making parts,” said Stephen Renda, supervisor of the Machine Shop.

For more information, visit Brock News.

“It makes me feel good to know that we’re strengthening our community....All of these scientists and researchers we’ve seen so much of lately in the news aren’t just in these big cities; they’re here in our backyard.”
Mary Haj-Ahmad
Executive Assistant, Norgen Biotek
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