Building a robust online learning experience

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"We are creating deliberate learning intended to ensure that students master the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to complete their studies wherever you are in the world, connected to our faculty.”

Dr. Linda Burnett, Associate Academic Dean-Faculty Affairs

Building a robust online learning experience

Whether you are a student looking for a positive online learning experience or a community member looking to upgrade your skills, take courses for personal interest or interested in starting a new program or career during this time, Algoma University has proactively digitized 100 relevant, accessible courses to help students reach their academic goals for the spring/summer term.

Through a collaboration with Contact North, a not-for-profit providing 600 small, rural, remote, Indigenous and Francophone communities access education & training in their community, and PowerED, Athabasca University’s e-learning platform, Algoma mobilized quickly with plans to begin the new term on June 1st, bringing technology and ongoing student and faculty support to the online classroom while maximizing the opportunity to build out more options for students.

The course offerings include a new special topics course being designed by the Biology, Environmental Science, Psychology and Health Sciences departments called: The Science of COVID; an English course called Fantasy, and Geography’s Climate Change and Communities.

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