Changing the game of online learning
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The new era of remote learning calls for innovations in teaching to keep students engaged. In response, Ryerson professors at the Faculty of Communications and Design are coming up with creative solutions, including Cineplex-style quizzes, virtual lounges and personal avatars.

Video game design classes, for example, let students take remote control of games, using the Steam video game platform for PC. Online lectures include Discord, and real-time chat boxes that appear on screen, so students can converse and ask questions. Meanwhile, new media classes are using Minecraft, a popular video game in which players create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. Students use the platform to socialize, build art and learn about creative processes.

Keeping students engaged in the digital space can help improve learning outcomes throughout the pandemic and beyond.

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“The more online content we can introduce that emphasizes activity, immediate feedback and even just a change of pace, the better we can help meet students’ different learning preferences and keep interest levels up.”
Adrian Ma
Journalism Professor, Ryerson University
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