Collaborating to improve infrastructure and food security

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“We’re looking at the full picture. This is an opportunity for us to do things in a much more sustainable way, and the right way, thinking about many generations down the road.”

Shakya Sur, Research Associate, University of Toronto

Collaborating to improve infrastructure and food security

Researchers at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Global Engineering (CGEN) are collaborating with Indigenous communities to address pressing infrastructure challenges facing geographically disparate communities across Canada.

CGEN’s Reconciliation Through Engineering Initiative will identify six projects that aim to improve access to clean drinking water, food security, housing, health care, transportation and communication systems from a multi-disciplinary and holistic perspective.

Two projects are in their early stages of development. The first project in northern Ontario and the High Arctic will focus on optimizing transportation routes to ensure timely delivery of food and supplies to communities. The second project will focus on developing a framework for designing building ventilation, envelope and integration of landscape-design features to mitigate mold – a significant concern for many Indigenous communities in Canada.

Over the next 12 months, researchers will finalize the six research projects and host workshops at the university to give engineering students an opportunity to learn about the challenges facing Indigenous communities, as well as the robust knowledge systems that they are using to address these challenges.

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