Combatting vaccine hesitancy
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Communicating vaccine safety is a key component to ensuring all Canadians get vaccinated against COVID-19 and mitigating vaccine hesitancy. 

Researchers at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication conducted a public opinion survey to examine vaccine hesitancy across Canada. Researchers looked at demographics including age and political affiliation to determine what factors might contribute to an individual deciding if they will get vaccinated. 

While the majority of Canadians expressed confidence in the safety of vaccines, the results of the survey suggest the COVID-19 pandemic has not swayed the opinions of some Canadians who are vaccine hesitant. It also shows those who are hesitant may not get vaccinated against the virus. Misinformation spread about the vaccine, such as health myths and conspiracy theories, also proved to be a factor in vaccine hesitancy.  

This research reinforces the importance of positive and accurate public communications around COVID-19 vaccination, which will help build trust and encourage more Canadians to get vaccinated. 

For more information, visit Carleton University. 

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