Creating community for Black students on campus

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Black student orientation - Toronto Metropolitan University

“Our primary goal is to have our Black students know that there’s space for them to succeed and there are lots of resources for them to engage with. We’re responding to what Black students have been telling us about their specific needs and experiences at the university, and we want to create spaces for them to meet and connect with other Black-identified students.”

Jen Gonzales, Executive director of student affairs, Toronto Metropolitan University

Creating community for Black students on campus

To help increase community building and inclusivity on campus for students from Black communities, Toronto Metropolitan University launched the Black Student Experience program. The program features week-long events and activities during Orientation Week that address the specific needs of Black students.  

Events and activities focus on health and wellness, community-building and academic and financial support, with the goal of increasing a sense of belonging, safety on campus and mentorship among community members. 

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