Creating a digital dialogue for health care
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Dr. Kumanan Wilson, a physician and researcher in immunization at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and a professor at the University of Ottawa, created CANImmunize to give Canadians an easy way to keep track of their immunization records. By partnering with Public Health Agency of Canada, this simple idea expanded into CANImmunize (previously called ImmunizeCA), a digital tool for all Canadians in every province and territory to securely track, store and update their immunization records on their smartphones.

Through CANImmunize, all levels of government can message the app’s users, and, conversely, there is potential for users to be able to communicate with all levels of government.

"This initiative will create a digital connection between Ontarians and their government from the birth of their first child – a lifelong connection that has its basis in health."
Dr. Kumanan Wilson
Founder of CANImmunize
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