Creating skills development resources for farmers
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Producers across the agri-business industry are actively seeking resources to support them as their farm operations become larger and more complex. To help meet this need and support sector-wide innovation, the University of Guelph in partnership with RBC Foundation and Farm Credit Canada, launched free, self-directed professional development modules for famers and other agriculture professionals. 

Through videos recorded by university experts, participants can enhance existing skills or learn new ones, such as the basics of business planning, finance, human resources, risk management, farm family transitions and farmer mental health and resilience. Over the next two years, organizers anticipate that nearly 50,000 producers across Canada will take part in at least one module. 

For more information, visit the University of Guelph. 

“In today’s agriculture industry, having sound farm business management is more important than ever. I believe the course material is beneficial for today’s Canadian producers, and given that it’s free, online and self-directed, this will undoubtedly lead to better efficiency and innovation, ensuring a bright future for agriculture in Canada.” 
Michael Hoffort
President and CEO, Farm Credit Canada 
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