Creating “street survival kits” to support vulnerable community members
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A number of public closures, including many shelter programs, have taken effect in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, leaving some of Ontario’s most vulnerable community members at greater risk.

Two Carleton University students, Taijah Cox-Armstrong and Rhea D’Souza, decided to take action by providing “street survival kits” to people who are experiencing homelessness in Ottawa during the pandemic.

They hope to distribute 300 kits to people in the ByWard Market, which contain items, such as, socks, biscuits, tuna, toothbrushes, soap and First-Aid kits.

The project is a re-launch of their Lotus Project, where the students had undertaken a similar distribution campaign last summer, before the global pandemic was declared.

For more information, visit Carleton University.

“I feel like everyone's clearing out the stores and not worrying about the man who's outside with nothing to eat, nothing to drink and nowhere to sleep.”
Taijah Cox-Armstrong
undergraduate student at Carleton University
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