Developing an easy-to-build ventilator

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"This project is an example of how we can harness the capacity and talent of the Canadian nuclear and particle physics community at SNOLAB, TRIUMF, and the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories to help combat COVID-19 with our international partners."

Art McDonald, Professor Emeritus and 2015 Nobel Laureate

Developing an easy-to-build ventilator

Researchers around the globe are ramping up efforts to build more respirators for COVID-19 patients who require hospitalization and ventilator support.

A team of Canadian physicists led by Nobel laureate and Queen’s University researcher, Art McDonald, is working to develop a ventilator that can be certified and manufactured with off-the-shelf parts.

The goal is to develop a common international standard for the machine, test and certify the device and partner with governments and manufacturers to support mass production.

To learn more, visit Queen’s University.