Digital resources for first-year chemistry students
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As a way to support students who are transitioning from high school to university during COVID-19, a Trent University graduate student and chemistry professor created a free digital resource that helps students prepare for first-year chemistry.

Through a unique work-integrated learning opportunity, Kelly Wright, a graduate student teamed up with Dr. Andrew Vreugdenhil to create online modules for senior-level high school students who are looking to better prepare for their first year of chemistry. The modules include instructional videos, sample problems to solve and online quizzing for students to self-assess their progress.

This online educational resource is fully accessible to the public and aims to support incoming students as they prepare for university.

To learn more, visit Trent University.

“Particularly this year, with high school students having had such a range of different experiences in Grade 11 and Grade 12 chemistry, and with so much learning going online, this is a critical time for us to make these modules available to ensure that incoming students do not feel left behind.”
Dr. Andrew Vreugdenhil
Chemistry Professor
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