Dream research amplifies global knowledge of COVID-19 impact
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To understand the role the pandemic plays in people’s emotional lives, Trent University researchers are examining the dreaming mind.

They are comparing dream journals kept by students in the first two weeks of the spread of the coronavirus in Canada to the journals they kept before COVID-19. The journals are revealing coronavirus-related events, such as waiting in grocery lines, and dreams about heads – the body part associated with catching and spreading the virus.

The goal is to use sleep and dream research to better understand and treat pandemic-related mental health issues.

For more information, visit Trent University.

“The question was: How were people feeling about the virus in Canada during that time? Since dreams reveal what we think, feel and experience in waking day, what insight could the dreams give us in those early days?”
Teresa L. DeCicco
Psychology Professor, Trent University
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