Driving London's growing gaming industry

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“We are working with Western on the curriculum and teaching what we feel they need to teach with respect to gaming. It is making better employees; good recognition for them is good recognition for us.”

Claudette Critchley, Co-Founder and COO of Big Blue Bubble

Driving London's growing gaming industry

London, Ontario is home to nearly 15 gaming companies, one of the largest clusters of video game production in the country, and a rapidly expanding digital creative scene. The industry employs more than 9,000 people in the region.

To support this growing demand, Western University is helping to develop the next generation of talent in the digital creative arts to support local industry. The university offers game design degree programs and courses, and partners with local companies such as Big Blue Bubble, Canada’s largest independent mobile gaming company (co-founded by a Western alumni), to offer work-integrated learning opportunities for students and ensure the university’s game design curriculum reflects the needs of the industry.

“We do what we can to future-proof our students,” said Mike Katchabaw, professor and Undergraduate Chair of Computer Science at Western. “We don’t just focus on a particular technology; we cover several different technologies and platforms so as soon as there is something new on the horizon, our students are able to go off and tackle that.”

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