Enwin and University of Windsor partner to launch new company in Windsor
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A partnership between Enwin and a University of Windsor research institute has resulted in a unique anti-rust company planning to set up shop in Windsor — and eventually sell to the world.

ONtech Rapid Coatings Inc. is the result of an Enwin collaboration with the University of Windsor’s Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research, and will market anti-rust cold spray technology across North America to utility companies, pipeline repair companies, automotive parts manufacturers and shipbuilding and aerospace industries.

The technology was born in 2012 with a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. NSERC gave Enwin and the University of Windsor a further $5.5 million last year to get the technology ready for market.

“The commercialization of research and the creation of start-up companies are a sign of a good, collaborative relationship between academia and industry,” said Douglas Kneale, UWindsor’s interim president. “We are building bridges with the local community…. How exciting it is that this particular collaboration has yielded outcomes that are translatable to the real world.”

For more information about the partnership, visit the University of Windsor.

“This demonstrates a great example of how initial collaboration between the University and Windsor and Enwin can be translated to a new, high-tech startup.”
Dr. Roman Maev
Founder of UWindsor’s Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research (IDIR)
ONtech Rapid Coatings Inc.

Dr. Maev, founder of UWindsor’s Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research (IDIR) and local ultrasonic imaging manufacturer Tessonics Inc., has developed a new way of applying powder coatings that cleans, coats, and works metal in a single operation.

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