Examining work and life during COVID-19
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To understand how COVID-19 is impacting the mental health of those working at home, a Carleton University PhD student & professor are looking at how the pandemic is affecting their lives.

Anita Grace, PhD in Law and Legal Studies and Professor Linda Duxbury, Sprott School of Business and expert on work-life balance, are co-leading two research studies exploring challenges, stressors and coping strategies of working adults and their families and police officers and their families.

The research goal is to help governments and businesses better understand the social and human costs of pandemics, with the hope that findings will help support additional mental health investments in the future.

To learn more, visit Carleton University.

“Both of these research projects are trying to help us learn from what’s happening right now. Lessons from an extreme situation can help inform our day-to-day lives and can lead to more recognition of the important role that policy plays in our lives.”
Linda Duxbury
Professor, Sprott School of Business
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