Facilitating global access to COVID-19 research

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“With the plethora of information and research being released around COVID-19, this new resource will be of tremendous use for researchers inside and outside of York, including collaborators and partners across the world.”

Rui Wang, Interim Vice-President Research & Innovation

Facilitating global access to COVID-19 research

To help facilitate access to the most up-to-date COVID-19 related research, York University has curated an online open access resource guide that is available around the world.

The information is being organized on a publicly accessible webpage and includes core sources, research data sources, and literature searching, with many sources being shared by international scholars and librarians.

The open source platform includes publications from all over the world, including peer-reviewed research by York researchers in areas such as, mathematical modelling, social and psychological impacts of COVID-19 as well as emergency planning.

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