Fostering innovation in the auto sector
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In partnership with Ford Canada, The University of Windsor’s Clean Combustion Engine Laboratory (CCEL) is engaging in highly collaborative, ground-breaking research that is at the forefront of combustion engine technology. Results of this long-standing partnership include major improvements to engine efficiency, advanced combustion control, novel ignition control and biofuel adaptation in diesel engines. Collaboration with CCEL has increased Ontario-based jobs at Ford Canada, which employs numerous University of Windsor graduates, many of whom began their work straight after graduation. Together, the University of Windsor and Ford Canada are training the next generation of highly qualified personnel, addressing important challenges facing the automotive industry, and contributing directly to our economy at the local, provincial, and national levels.

“It’s a university setting, but we focus on solving real-world problems.”
Dr. Ming Zheng, Co-Founder of the Clean Diesel Engine Laboratory at the University of Windsor
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