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From the lab to consumer products

From cosmetics to food supplements to drugs, potential applications for nanoparticles in sweet corn are now being explored and marketed by a start-up called Mirexus Biotechnologies, based in Guelph’s industrial park. The discovery of the active ingredient in these nanoparticles – PhytoSpherix – was fortuitously made in a University of Guelph lab, when researchers decided to explore these nanoparticles that were byproducts from a chemical procedure. Skin care products containing PhytoSpherix are already being sold by Veriphy Skincare.

In addition, PhytoSpherix can be used for food, age-defying super-moisturizers and non-toxic drug treatments. It also has applications as a non-toxic, biodegradable replacement for certain engineered nanoparticles and petroleum ingredients, and can make products such as cosmetics and biomedical treatments more environmentally friendly and more effective.

Now investigating markets in nutraceuticals and drugs, Mirexus expects to grow to 72 full-time positions within 10 years.

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