Helping Canadians upskill for the new economy
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The McKinsey Global Institute predicts workers will spend 55 per cent more time using technological skills and 25 per cent more time engaged in emotional and social interactions than they do now. The University of Toronto is stepping up, offering 24 short courses in the areas most in demand.  

Covering a mix of technical and business skills, the courses leverage the federal government’s new Canada Training Credit which provides a refundable tax credit to keep up skills. Topics range from business analysis, effective writing, and Lean Six Sigma methods, to in-demand data mining languages such as Python, and cybersecurity risk management.  

These courses help employees develop skills companies need.For more information, visit the University of Toronto 

“We want to make it easier for professionals to access the training they need quickly and bring that back to their companies or to the next stage of their careers. We have thousands of busy professionals who take our courses every year and this initiative allows them to become familiar with the latest technology and business practices.”
Maureen MacDonald
Dean of SCS
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