Helping firefighters be ready for the most extreme weather conditions
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Using the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel at UOIT, a facility that recreates some of the most extreme weather conditions imaginable, firefighters tackle a variety of simulations as part of Durham College’s Firefighter Environmental Stress Workshop. The workshop teaches firefighters how their bodies and minds react in different types of stressful environmental situations, and measures their performance. Participants take part in an ambulance training simulation that recreates the worst drive to the emergency room imaginable, while also navigating through an elaborate heat-stress maze in full self-contained breathing apparatus gear while dragging a 125-pound mannequin to safety. The unique experience provides firefighter students with hands-on experiences, and prepares them for firefighting careers all across Canada.

“No one else has done this to this extent, as far as we know, so this is new and exciting. We’re continuing to expand on the workshop and hold it at least once a year; we want to open this up to all firefighter programs in Ontario.”
Justin Gammage
Industry Liaison Manager, ACE
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