Helping mitigate and reduce methane gas emissions
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To meet Canada’s goal of reducing methane emissions by at least 40 per cent by 2025, federal and provincial governments are rolling out regulations to fix methane leaks on oil and gas facility equipment – but knowing exactly which equipment is leaking the invisible gas is an ongoing challenge.

In collaboration with Bridger Photonics, northern communities in British Columbia and Alberta, a researcher at Carleton University developed a laser-based monitoring tool – known as the Bridger’s Gas Mapping LiDAR™ (GML) – to help field workers determine which equipment is leaking the invisible gas.

GML has the potential to transform and mitigate how the oil and gas sector can effectively measure and mitigate emissions and help keep methane out of the air to reduce its impact on the environment, helping meet both federal and provincial emissions targets faster.

For more information, visit Carleton University.

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