Helping real estate development students become job ready

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“Real estate development is an area of expertise that is not well served by traditional degree programs. This is largely because land development is so varied and involves so many different disciplines.”

Benjamin Gianni, Architecture Professor

Helping real estate development students become job ready

Many real estate developers are entrepreneurs and risk-takers whose massive projects generate jobs and investment, and whose decisions shape the city, including the homes and workplaces where we spend our lives. However, few development-specific educational programs exist in Canada.

A new collaboration at Carleton University between the Sprott School of Business and the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism is helping a range of people who play a role in real estate development – from investors, lawyers and bankers to city planners, architects and engineers – receive important skills. The Certificate in Real Estate Development is a 12-day part-time professional development program that unfolds in four modules over five months.

“The students interested in our program will likely have been trained in one area but not in others,” said Benjamin Gianni, an architecture professor who is helping co-ordinate the new program. “Exposing them to all of these areas of expertise within the same curriculum so they can understand what the various roles and responsibilities are and how they all fit together, is a really unique proposition.”

The program takes a holistic approach, offering participants from various backgrounds the opportunity to learn from each other and develop new skills in a changing industry throughout a project-based, iterative and collaborative process.

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