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Health Ecosphere is a multi-partner collaboration led by York University and Southlake Regional Health Centre that acts as an innovation pipeline for commercial health solutions. Along with University Health Network, the 32 partners involved are working with businesses and other research institutes in development of 37 new personalized health-care technologies and state-of-the-art enterprise solutions for customized health management and care. Technologies include health-care apps, medical devices and big data platforms. These solutions provide connected and coordinated care across the system by integrating previously segregated markets; helping patients with chronic disease change their behaviour; and leveraging big data analytics to develop and commercialize predictive health solutions, leading to improved outcomes for patients and reduced health-care costs.

“York has collaborated with Southlake for many years, and we anticipate an even closer working relationship as we look forward to our new campus opening in Markham Centre.”
Mamdouh Shoukri, York University President and Vice-Chancellor
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