Helping build “Teaching Cities”
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Looking to find solutions to its urban challenges, the City of Oshawa is partnering with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and other postsecondary institutions and think tanks to become a teaching city. By becoming a teaching city, Oshawa becomes a living laboratory for students and academics, creating an opportunity for them to work with city staff on solutions to urban issues. Experiential learning and research opportunities could surround issues such as the impact of climate change on watershed management, waste management, transportation, digital connectivity and more.

“Engaging our post-secondary institutions and other partners gives Oshawa a unique opportunity to work with the academic community in ways that will advance our City. The initiative signals Oshawa’s intent to continuously adapt and embrace new ideas to the benefit of our residents. This partnership has great potential and we’re looking forward to watching it evolve over time and position Oshawa at the forefront of urban innovation."
John Henry
Mayor of Oshawa
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