Helping youth in care access a university education
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According to the Children’s Aid Society of Nipissing Parry Sound, youth placed in foster care are less likely to pursue postsecondary education. To help reduce barriers in accessing postsecondary education, Nipissing University launched the Youth in Care Waiver program. 

The program offers eligible students, including mature learners, the opportunity to apply for a waiver that covers both tuition and ancillary fees. By helping remove financial barriers to attending university, students and learners will gain equitable access to a university education that can help launch their careers. 

For more information, visit Nipissing University. 

“Youth in care are less likely to pursue postsecondary education and experience higher unemployment rates… By providing equitable access to educational opportunities, we can enrich [the lives of youth in care] and help them reach their full potential.”
Nancy Lafrance Rich
Director of service, Children’s Aid Society of Nipissing Parry Sound
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