How to start an AI-powered drug discovery business
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Bringing new life-saving therapies to the marketplace faster is the goal of Atomwise, a company founded by University of Toronto PhD students.

Developed through Techno, the university’s Impact Centre’s training program for transforming scientific insights into start-ups, Atomwise applies the latest advances in neural networks to make more effective drugs.

Atomwise began its start-up journey in 2012 at the University of Toronto. Further grants and fellowships from the Ontario Centres of Excellence, the Ontario Brain Institute and Grand Challenges Canada allowed the company to improve its technology, build partnerships and develop a business plan.

For more information, visit the University of Toronto.

“The first couple of years were really, really tough. I have to say, without the Impact Centre, Atomwise wouldn’t exist. Our first office was a closet, but it was an office, and that was a big deal.”
Abraham Heifets
University of Toronto Alumnus and Atomwise Co-Founder
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