Improving space missions through miniature satellites
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Ryerson University researcher Krishna Kumar has pioneered the design of miniature satellites light enough to hold in the human hand, which are helping make low-cost space missions possible. The satellites weigh less than 100 grams. In addition to developing these miniature wireless systems, his research team of graduate students has been focused on troubleshooting spacecraft attitude control, orbital maneuvering, and formation flying.

Kumar is also using their work to develop solutions for problems here on earth—such as algorithms that allow companies like Bombardier and MHICA to create proactive maintenance schedules to make trains and engines failsafe.

For Kumar, the collaborative nature of engineering research is the only way to efficiently problem solve.

“Working alone might be fine in other professions, but not when you’re wrestling with some of the biggest challenges in industry and society.”
Krishna Kumar
Ryerson University researcher
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